About us

Much like with any other skill, learning coding requires some time and persistence. If you have those, plus a computer and an internet connection, you are all set to go! We don’t encourage biting off more than you can chew, and that’s why we spread different areas of coding into a number of courses. By mastering the basics, you can be sure your knowledge is rock solid, and then work on upgrading it.

Best programmers never stop learning. If you are a beginner, don’t think about time. How much time it will take to learn something depends on many different factors, but online learning has proven to be the best way to gain coding skills. The one thing you must be sure of is that you will finish each lesson with practical knowledge that you can immediately put to work.

People like you are the ones we wanted to help. Our belief is that everyone should have equal chances, and be able to change their lives for the better anytime they wish. That is why we came up with this platform. You are free to log in and start learning whenever you have the time- there are no limitations in terms of lecture schedules and deadlines. This way, each user can learn at their own pace and free time. There are no limits when it comes to the number of courses you can take – your membership grants you access to all of them.